Friday, August 31, 2007

Nine months later...

Our little guy is nine months old...yesterday!!! I can't believe it! It's made me sad on many different occasions to think of him growing up...and I HAVE loved EVERY age!!! But he's SO FUN TODAY! And he's more fun ALL the time!!! Having a kid is unlike anything I've ever experienced before! And I know that each new stage will be just as fun as the last! I'll post pictures soon of our growing boy! Sorry I've slacked the last several weeks!!!

He's started doing this new thing where he'll be smiling, then he'll squint his eyes and scrunch his nose...and we laugh of course, so he does it more and more. And it's SO funny! He also fake coughs and fake laughs. For being "laid back", he sure can be quite dramatic as well...not unlike his parents, I'm afraid. =)

We have retired volunteers who come out to the camp for several weeks at a time to help with different projects, and he receives LOTS of "grandparently" love from them! He loves being held by his friends in the dining hall at lunch! =) And I love the "break" they give ME!!!

Speaking of breaks...I've been taking Asher down the hill to stay with Traci (nanny to Benjamin and Ethan at the camp) for a couple of hours in the afternoon the last two days, and it's AMAZING how much I can get done when he's not around! Not that I would choose for my life to be any other way than how it is! But it IS nice to get things accomplished without the little dude around sometimes.

Something else that cracks me up is how he throws things and hits things. He's such a little boy! He loves throwing balls over and over and over. And he just hits at whatever is in his path. We've just started trying to teach him what "gentle" means. I don't think he's getting it yet. =) We'll keep trying...for the sake of all the babies and animals that he will come in contact with in the future!

We love our little buddy! Happy nine month birthday Asher Case!

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Emily said...

Holy cow, none months how time is flying by. I can't wait to see him again soon. He and The Bear are going to be such good buddies one day, I can't wait. I think that it is AWESOME that you have had a chance to get a few hours to yourself the past few afternoons. What I wouldn't do for that these days. Being a mom is seriously hard work, hands down hardest job on the planet...move over rocket scientist, stay at homes are needing a little respect ;)
Can't wait to see the pictures soon!