Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Here I am!

I have recently been accused of being a "bad blogger"...Emily! I can't help it! I'm telling you people, I do good to READ my emails and your blogs...much less reply or post new blogs myself! =) What can I say?! I have a kid, a husband, a house, and sometimes a resemblance of a LIFE! =) Just kidding!

I wish I had pictures downloaded (or uploaded...whatever you call it), but today we went to Big Rocks Park in town. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's this really fun area with big boulders, and a river with shallow parts, deep parts, rapidy parts, etc., etc. It was so fun! Asher LOVED it! (We just stayed in the "shallow parts" with him.) Beau was carrying him in the water so that we could go meet up with some of the summer staff that was there, but he wanted to get down and play in the water. It was really cute. You probably would have had to have been there. You'll be able to see a picture or two soon.

Let's see...Asher's new things...He zerberts now every once in a while. He's taking better naps than he had been lately and sleeping better at night too. Hallelujah! =) He has stood up a couple of times by himself for a few seconds. He's our wonder-baby! =) And he's "talking" a LOT and LOUDLY!!! It's probably good that the couple who have been living in the "man room" for the summer is about to move out...for THEIR sake. =) Most of the time, it's "happy" sounds...just LOUD happy sounds! And he has five teeth now, and another one trying really hard to come out. I think it's causing him some discomfort, because he's biting like crazy. He'll spot our toes from across the room, and start crawling and smiling as if he's on a MISSION. And he IS...a mission to BITE our toes!!! It hurts, but it's pretty darn funny! Probably not a good idea to laugh, but it's hard not to. =) Who gets excited about BITING their parents?!

On a fun note, Beau and I just got finished planning his vacation days for the rest of the year. He's got TWENTY that he needs to take before January (because he couldn't take any between February and now), so we'll have some good time off! I'm hoping for a trip to Florida to see his sister Lee and our brother-in-law Chance. I haven't told him this idea yet, but I've got a friend who lives in North Carolina, and I think it would be fun to go see her. I've actually got friends in a lot of places that I would like to go see: Germany, France, Tennessee, Boston, East Texas, San Antonio, Austin, Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado. Oh! I could go on and on! But we ARE going to San Diego for our national CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association) conference at the end of November. It's our year to get to go with our camp director and his wife. (The staff rotates.) It should be lots of fun! I'm thinking we'll HAVE to take Asher to the zoo. But I'm SURE that we'll spend some of his vacation time (if not a lot of it) at HOME...the place my man loves the best. =)

I do feel bad, because most of you "bloggers" out there have such great and profound things to write about. But my brain is fried by this time, and I need my sleep. So, I'll have to impress you with my deep thoughts some other time.

Lots of love!


Amy said...

Welcome back! I missed you. :)

Emily said...

Well hidy-flippin-ho sista, glad to know that you haven't died to the blogging world.

Mama Jeannie said...

Sara Sue! I LOVED your light-hearted and happy blog entry! I loved talking to you yesterday too. Have you gotten into the 'man room' to clean like mad? I guess you guys will be glad to have all that space back, huh? Can't wait to come see you one of these first days. I'll bring your blinds and hopefully dad too so he can get them up right.
Love you,Mama

Tressa said...

Hi Sara!
Tressa Strickland here, a fellow blogger. My daughters had a blast at Riverbend with their church camp at ACC. Joel said he saw you there and we both had no idea you lived over there! You have a very beautiful family. Check out my blog anytime!

Amy said...

Where the heck are you?!?!