Friday, August 17, 2007

My Boy

The week started out a little rocky. Asher has been quite needy and clingy. There are moments when I absolutely love the way he loves me and needs me as I hold him and take care of him. Then there are the "other" moments. Tuesday I had HAD it! Every time I would get up to DO something - straighten up, brush my teeth (God forbid!), or whatever - Asher would quickly crawl over to me, pull up on my leg, and sometimes bite at my leg so that I would have to pick him up. =) Yes, it's kind of first...but a WHOLE day of this? It wasn't so funny. I ended the day the way I started it. Dirty, probably in my pj's (I don't remember), and my house was a ROYAL mess!!! I was THANKFUL when Beau got home, because he was OFF on Wednesday and Thursday! The "funny" thing is is that I'm doing this Bible study with some women at my church called "The Excellent Wife". It's AMAZING how UN-excellent you realize you are when you're trying so hard to be!

However, Beau was an "excellent" husband on Wednesday. I often get a "bug" to go DO something when he's off. But because he's been working his tail off, he usually wants to relax at home. But I didn't even get the chance to suggest anything on Wednesday. First he let me sleep until 9:00 while he played with Asher!!! Then he took us to Fort Worth to eat and see a movie (which is getting more interesting to do as Asher is getting much more ACTIVE!). It was really fun just to "go"! Thanks Babe!!!

Then we had another fun day relaxing together yesterday. Except Asher wouldn't eat or drink hardly anything. He was kind of driving me crazy, then I felt really bad when he ended up with a 102.6 fever last night. He hadn't been feeling good!!! Poor little guy! Then this morning when he woke up from his nap, he had a pretty bad rash covering most of his face, and he was all swollen around his eye. So I called his doctor, and after asking me several questions, they decided it would be best for us to come in just in case it was a viral infection that would need to be treated. So Asher and I made a quick trip to Waco. We got to see Gibbie for a while before the appointment (but no one else, because we didn't want to get anyone sick). Then we went to the dr., and it is indeed a virus, but it's no big deal. He'll probably have a fairly high fever at night for a few days, and Dr. Nesmith thinks he'll be fine by Monday. He checked his ears for infection, but they were clear. We love our little guy so much and just HATE seeing him under the weather!!! But he's given us plenty of smiles in the midst of this, so we know he's FINE!!! Thank you Lord!

And here I am again. My house is still the same as it almost always is - in need of some organization and good cleaning. But another day has passed, and I have only straightened my room and the living room. That's usually as far as I get! How does that happen?! It's very frustrating! I need life to STOP for a day or two so that I can get caught up!!! But, again, I MUST sleep!!!!!!!! So here I go...good night!

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Amy said...

I know the feeling! Hang in there. We'll have clean houses someday... maybe in about 20 years. :)
Glad Asher is okay!