Monday, September 3, 2007

Great Things

A couple of great things have happened so far today. I had an epiphone in the middle of the night. For the last couple of weeks we have thought that Asher's bed doesn't go down as low as most baby beds, so we have been using his pack'n'play and weren't even going to put his baby bed up at the new house. Well, in the middle of the night, I realized that maybe we had put the metal part that holds the mattress (what do you call that?) on upside down. I discovered this morning that we had, and that now the mattress goes down as low as it should. So now we can use it without worrying that Asher is going to climb out...or fall out. =)

And...Asher SHARED with me for the first time! We haven't even tried to teach him about that yet. =) He was playing with the tag on one of his toys, (because he LOVES tags!), and he kept handing the toy to me. He would suck on the tag, then he would put it up to my mouth like, "Here Mommy you try it." It was really cute!

Well, I'm off to get a few things done while Asher sleeps. Only four more nights before the movers come to pack! Yikes!


Jenny James said...

Your Asher is just too cute. He's really starting to show his personality. It's so sweet that you just recognize every tiny moment in his life. I always knew you were destined to be an amazing mother, and I'm so glad you finally had a baby so we could all see you in action.

Emily said...

what a great little man you have. i sure am glad that i get to be his aunt. i love you am ash something fierce.

Mama Jeannie said...

I'm so glad you figured out the baby bed Sass. That'll help lots when you set up and decorate Asher's new room, won't it? Also, just so I won't have to sign in again, I looked at all the summer pics and enjoyed every single one. Your Mister Asher Case is sooo cute and so funny. Dad and I loved getting to be with him this weekend.... well, and you too. :0) We'll probably make more trips to McAlester than we did Riverbend just so we won't miss anything. Love you, Mama