Friday, September 28, 2007

Snakes, Snaps, and Strolls

Well, the same day as Asher had all his other "firsts" the other day, he also saw his first snake and started "snapping". Beau found a snake - just a bull-whip (which means nothing to me, but that's what he called it), and he brought it home for Asher to see. How kind...=) He even put it over Asher's shoulders, and the SIX FOOT LONG snake kind of twitched its tail, and Asher wasn't bothered in the least. Beau had its head the whole time, so there was no danger, but it was still a little freaky...but fun at the same time. =) Then Beau let it go, and it started climbing up the side of our house. Yikes!!! No snakes in MY house please!!! But he got it and threw it out in the woods. It was an exciting experience. =)

And Asher started "snapping". It's pretty cute! He just sits there and does it over and over and over. What a baby genius. =)

AND...I'm talking about two different kinds of "strolls"...We got a backpack for Asher to ride in. Thank you Mom and Dad!!! We've already gone on a couple of walks, and today I needed to make a bed for this retreat that we're having here this weekend, so I did it with Asher on my back. It was kind of funny. That thing is gonna come in handy.

The other kind of "strolling" I'm talking about is Asher just walking around. As I was typing this, I looked at him, and he was walking all around the room, went out the door and into the hall...all standing up, walking - just holding onto things with one hand. He's been doing that, but just not SO MUCH!


Amy said...

WOW! Walking?!?! He's brilliant. (Must take after his aunt MiMi.)

Emily said...

I am not so sure I like the huge snake thing...that is the city girl coming out in me ;) Yeah for another walker in the fam, I can't wait to see it in person. Ash and Claire will have a ball together now that they can "chase" each other.

As for the brilliance of this boy there is no doubt that he gets it from his one and only Aunt Emmie!!!

Mama Jeannie said...

Walking! Our little Asher is walking!!! I guess he's old enough, but he's just growing up so fast, isn't he? I love it and can hardly wait to see him. And snapping! I've never known a baby who could snap. Another thing... I'm thankful that you are teaching Asher to not be afraid of bugs and reptiles, but could you just please keep them away from your house? :0) What about the scorpions! I don't like that either, but then neither do you, huh? Any painters on the horizon?