Saturday, September 22, 2007

Here I Am, Miss Oklahoma (Sung to the tune of "Here She Is, Miss America")

Hey Hey!!! We have internet!!! You never realize what a big deal that is until you're REALLY out in the sticks like we are! =) I should be asleep right now, but Asher woke up a little before midnight, and I've been addicted to updating myself on my sisters' and mom's blogs ever since. (I have others that I want to read, but I have to draw the line somewhere or I'll never go back to sleep!) Amy and Emily, thank you for your sweet blogs! You both made me tear up. I love you both so much and am also sad that I live farther away from you now!!! And Amy, I laughed out loud when I read about your going to the "desk store"!!! That's still hilarious! =)

Well, I love it here. Our views out our windows are so pretty! This house needs LOTS of help, but I love looking out the window over my kitchen sink and beside our dining room table. We have already burned a path between our house and Wal-Mart and Lowe's...and I'm sure the one between here and Sonic will be well known also. They have "happy hour" every day between 3-5. Woohoo! =) There is lots left to do...boxes to be unpacked, walls to be painted, and blinds to be hung...but we'll get there...SLOWLY but surely!!!

I've been ok with my lack of progress since my family left until today. I got very overwhelmed and tired of the unsettledness that we're living in, but the day ended great! We're SO BLESSED to have a friend here ALREADY!!! Out of ALL the places God could have taken us, He brought us to the same town...the same SIDE of town even...that one of Barbara's (Beau's Mom) really close friends lives. Dina. She's already been a LIFESAVER!!! The day we got here she brought us some really yummy food that she had cooked up for us. And today I took Asher over to her house for a couple of hours. I wasn't getting anything done, and I was just about at my breaking point. (not good!) So she took him, and they had a great time! And I ran a few errands without him! Thank you Dina!!!

And then we got home, and Beau and I had so much fun with our little dude!!! He's SO GREAT!!! He's EVERYWHERE!!! Last night he took his first step!!! And today he did it again!!! And he plays peek-a-boo now! He's liked us to play it with him for a long time, but now he pulls a blanket up over his own face or squats down behind something and pops up. It's so cute!!! And he said his third word today!!! "Bye-bye"! He's so amazing! =)

That's us in a very small nutshell. I better go to sleep now...if I know what's good for me. Tomorrow is another day...and I better be ready for it!!! All my love to you family and friends!!! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amy said...

Yea! I am so glad you are back to blogging! I've missed you! Don't you just love the Internet?!?!

What great milestones Asher has reached this week! Oh my goodness! The little guy is getting big too fast!

I better get back to bed too. It is 4:40am!

I love you like crazy!!!!!

Emily said...

WooHoo to having you back in the blogging world!!! I can't believe that Ash is getting so grown up. He was barely standing on his own a couple of weeks ago.

I love you and I am SO thankful that you love where you are. Maybe we can get a lot done when I come back in a few weeks.

Mama Jeannie said...

Hi Sass,
I love reading your 'blog' entries. I love how reading your words makes me feel closer to you somehow. I love you and it is so fun to hear how Asher is growing, the things he's doing and 'saying'? I read your other entries as well and my heart goes out to you as you long to create a beautiful new home and have to wait on so much in order to do that. I wish I was close so I could help. I wish I could make the load a little lighter... but praise be to God, He has sent you a friend already! Dina must be an angel in disguise. Tell her she has blessed this mama's heart for sure. :0) I miss you Sara Alyse, but I'm so glad you and Beau are following wherever the Lord leads you. You can't go wrong when you do that, can you? I'll see you soon. Love, Mama