Saturday, September 22, 2007

Family and Friends!

At the moment, I am overwhelmed with LOVE for my family and great friends!!! God has blessed me over my thirty years with really RICH relationships! How come I am so blessed???!!! I was just getting caught up on "my blogs" - and I especially loved Amy's, Emily's, Jami's, and Jenny's tonight. I actually learned new stuff about SISTER! Emily is hilarious! And I love reading Jami's and Jenny's blogs - close friends from my youth group in high school. It's so fun to all be mommies now (finally)...and to hear your stories and your emotions...many of the same emotions I'm experiencing now. I love it!!! =) God has been so faithful to all of us! How could we ask for more when it comes to the love we feel for our kids?! There's NOTHING like it!!!!!

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Jami said...

Aw shucks - just doing my blog check hoping to find an update on your life as an Okie and what do I find but a blogosphere shout out. WooHoo! Isn't this such a fun way to reconnect with old friends? Glad to hear you guys are somewhat settled. Hope it gets easier - I do know that you are great at creating "home" out of "house." Praying for peace...a day at a time. Don't forget that in Asher's eyes you are "Wonder Mom."