Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Asher has had lots of fun firsts recently. First time to play on the ground outside. First time to get sprayed by a water hose (which he thought was fun!). First boo-boo. First time to "kiss" me. First time to "dance". (He bounces up and down - sometimes when there's music, sometimes when there's not.) First taste of a sucker (bad Daddy!). First boat ride. First swim in a lake. First time to pick peaches with Pawpaw. First time to stand without holding on to anything. (This isn't a frequent occurence yet, and it didn't last long at all!) He also got his top two teeth and is working on the two on either side of those. Life is fun!

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Mama Jeannie said...

Isn't this such a sweet sweet time of life? Those mommy/baby or daddy/baby moments will be a treasure for the rest of your life. Asher is so smart as he discovers his world, isn't he? I love him so much too Sara.
Love, Mama