Saturday, July 28, 2007

Claire's Birthday Party and Other Things

We had a great time at Claire Bear's FIRST birthday party today! I can't BELIEVE that a YEAR has gone by! It's been a GREAT year, and it makes me sick to think about time going that fast at the same time! On the way home today, I was thinking about how we celebrate that Claire has been with us for a year, but I also cannot EXPRESS HOW THANKFUL I am that my dear sister Emily is with us too!!! She hemmoraged after Claire was born, and we were literally scared that we might lose her. That is the most TERRIFIED I've EVER been, and it's the HARDEST I've EVER prayed!!! Thank you GOD that you saved her!!! I love you Emily!!!!!!!! You know that.

I was also thinking about Allie! The day Allie was born, I cried all day! =) She was the first baby born in our family! And she has always felt like she was MINE! =) (Beau calls my nieces and nephews my "pseudo-kids"!) I was not in the room when she was born, but we could hear what was going on outside the door, and I held my breath with every push...and cried and cried! And I remember when she was little bitty, just going into her room and watching her sleep in her bed...then picking her up because I couldn't resist and just rocking her for the longest time! I just stared at her guessed it...cried. I was so in love with her! And as I held her in my lap even today...I still am! I love you Allie Jill!!!


Amy said...

I love how you love my baby! I am so thankful for the relationship that you had and have with her.
Allie's mom

Emily said...

I love you so much know that!!! Thank you for praying so hard for me one year ago. I have no doubt that I am here and healthy because of God working through the doctors and the desperate prayers of my family. I am so blessed to have you all in my life!