Monday, July 9, 2007

Here I Am!!!

I'm BACK! Sorry Amy...I didn't abandon you!!! =) Where do I begin?

I was all set for the fam to come here for the 4th, but then at the last minute we decided to go up to Emily's, since we were flying from there Thursday anyway - and since Beau had to work on the 4th, and the Powells and C. Selkes weren't going to be able to come. Sooo...we had a good time. Asher enjoyed his first fireworks, and the next day he LOVED his first flight!!! I didn't know what he would think of either of those things, but he did GREAT! He was so cute as he pressed his face to the window as we were taking off and as we got up into the air to see ALL that he could see. He was SO interested! I didn't think he would know to care one way or the other. But he DID. He loved it! =) On the way back, he was so funny as he pressed his little face up against the crack between our seat and the one beside us and stared at the people in the row behind us. People were also QUITE impressed with the way Emily and I handled our two babies, two strollers, two car seats, and two diaper bags!!! (THANKFULLY Mom and Dad toted the rest of our stuff in the car...I don't know HOW we could have done it otherwise!)

Where did we fly, you ask...We went to see my grandparents - Asher's GREAT grandparents - my Mom's parents - in Clarendon (near Amarillo). We don't get to see them very often, so it was really nice to get to be with them so that Asher could get to know them a little better. It was short, so we hope to make it back again before too long. On the trip he ate "real food" a couple of times: sweet potatoe and cooked carrots. And he REALLY liked it! How do babies know when you're giving them "adult" food??? We had a great time except for our drive from the airport to Clarendon and back. Asher and Claire do GREAT together UNLESS they're in a car together! It's just a vicious cycle. Asher would fuss because he was sleepy, then Claire would get empathetic towards him, say "Ooooh", then start crying, which would make Asher cry more, then Claire would scream, which would TERRIFY Asher, and it went on and on! Emily and I had to find our "happy places"! Thank GOD that we did not drive all the way there and back!!! I mean it...THANK GOD!!! =) It would have been HORRIFIC!

We returned home on Saturday and were so happy to see Beau. Asher was SO HAPPY to see him. He couldn't stop bouncing and smiling. It was pretty cute!

My throat had started hurting at Grandma and Grandad's and by Saturday night I wasn't feeling too hot at all. So yesterday, Beau had to work, and I experienced the first day of being a "sick mommy". Life does not just instantly stop when you're sick. Can you believe that?! =) It wasn't possible for Beau to take off, so I toughed it out. Thankfully, Asher was pretty laid back yesterday himself, so it wasn't TOO bad.

I think he might be feeling a little of the same junk as I am, PLUS he's teething big time right now. His two top middle teeth are making their way out, and the one to the right of that is about to. So today wasn't as easy as yesterday. The morning was good, but this afternoon he was very fussy and clingy - he only wanted ME!

Three of the summer staff girls came over, because they were going to play with him while I got some stuff done around the house, but he would have no part of it. It was still fun to have them here though. They looked at wedding pictures, and I told them how Beau and I met and about finding out that we were pregnant and stuff like that. It's always fun when I get to go back down memory lane. =) We also went into town after Asher had a little nap in my arms and went to Sonic, the bank, and the grocery store. It was a fun afternoon.

Beau is off the next couple of days, so tomorrow I'm going to the eye doctor, then he's going to the dentist the next day. Those are our only "big plans". Maybe we'll do something else go to Wendy's or Wal Mart! (Just kidding...that was for Emily...she just thought it was too funny when I talked about our "outing" to church, Wendy's, and Wal Mart the other day.)

And that's a wrap! Nighty night! Maybe I'll post some pics tomorrow.

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Dawn said...

so this is the first time I've gotten to read your blog, and let me just say that you are highly entertaining.
I can hear you saying everything you write, and I love it! it's also good insight to being a mom.