Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Grammie and Grandad

Asher and I went on a trip to Grammie and Grandad's in Livingston for a few days last week. I was sorry that we hadn't gotten there earlier in the summer, but I think I was just intimidated by the drive with just Asher and me. But it was GREAT - there AND back!!! I was SHOCKED! It is about four and half hours one way, and we MADE IT! We stopped in Waco for a few hours both times, and that really helped. Asher even got to stay with Gibbie for a little bit at her office while I went and ran a few errands. Thanks Gibbie!!! He slept both times in between here and Waco basically the whole way. And he slept about half of the way both times in between Waco and Livingston. He started to get a little fussy after he woke up, but I was able to give him "puffs" and toys to keep him happy. It was a success!!!

Mark and Barbara, Beau's parents, are THE BEST in-laws I could have EVER dreamed of!!! Barbara and Asher have a BLAST together! And Mark loves working on our car! =) I'm sure that sounds funny, but EVERY time we see them, he finds something to put his time and energy into to make our car better than it already is! We're SO BLESSED by BOTH of them!!!

Asher is their first grandchild, so, as you can imagine, he does not lack for attention and love! We had lots of fun going on boat rides, taking a walk across the dam (Beau's dad is the assistant manager at the Lake Livingston dam - or Trinity River Authority.), visiting Grandad at his office, going to Nacogdoches to see Asher's great grandparents, great aunt and uncle, and two cousins, and just playing and playing! Barbara played with and took care of Asher a lot, so I got some much desired rest!!! Thank you Grammie!!! =)

We're beyond blessed to have parents who love us SO MUCH!!!

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barbara said...

It was all my pleasure to have you both visit. Sara, you are an absolutely wonderful mother and wife! Asher and Beau are blessed to have you in their lives.
Love you much!