Saturday, February 9, 2008

Our Little Reader

I can't write much at the moment...because I'm SUPPOSED to be cleaning our room right now, (I think a tornado must have hit!) but I just stopped by the computer "right quick" to check a few blogs, know what happens...I got sucked in. And I could stay sucked in for a very long time - there's SO MUCH to read, but I better take care of our little life here first.

But speaking of reading...this morning, Beau and I were watching something on tv, and when we looked at Asher, he was lying on the floor on his SIDE (like a big person) "reading" BEAU'S big thick book! It was so funny! He's started "reading" a lot in the last couple of days. He'll point to the words and just start jabbering away. It's too cute!

Off to accomplish things!


Emily said...

I hope your things were accomplished. I love that he laid on his side to read a sci-fi book (I wonder where he gets that?) You should definately take a picture of him and Beau and comopare how much they look alike.

Mama Jeannie said...

You have got to start inserting pictures!!!! I would have lovedto have seen Mr. Asher Case 'reading'. How cute!