Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baby Hands

I love my baby's hands. I love their warmth, their softness, their dimples...I love the way he holds my finger when I'm rocking him to sleep or when I'm reaching back to him from the front seat trying to comfort him. I love the way he searches with his little fingers for just the "right" spot on his blue silky blankets and then how he holds onto that spot while he sleeps. I love how he tries to copy us when we say "come here" with our hands or when we say "good job" or "gig 'em" with our thumbs. I loved it this morning when I was rocking him, and he reached up and layed his hand on my face and just left it there for a while. He's just too darn cute and too darn precious!!! I can't get over him!!!


Emily said...

Well aren't you and Amy on a roll. You made my eyes sweat with all this sweet baby hands talk.

Amy said...

So sweet!

Mama Jeannie said...

I just caught up on your baby blogs. I loved every one of them. Baby hands, scoundrally laughter, running and hitting the wall, watching squirrels and birds, and well... just how much you love your little boy. I love watching and hearing how my babies love their babies.