Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Funny Boy!

This is a post of random things that Asher has done lately that make us LAUGH! You may or may not care...but I can look back on it one day and remember the "little things" with fondness! =)

Just now, I was sitting here reading blogs, and he comes running towards me and runs into the wall. I guess he turned too soon. It probably didn't feel good, and he started to cry, but all of a sudden, he started laughing really hard. It was so funny, so I started laughing too, and I hit my leg like, "That's SO funny!" So he hit his leg too, then he hit the floor, because that's something that Beau and he have been doing lately. Laughing and hitting the floor. It cracks me up!

He also is becoming even MORE of a little rascal than he already has been! If he's doing something that he knows that maybe he shouldn't be doing or he just thinks he's funny, he'll start making his "evil" laugh and get this really "scoundrelly" looking grin on his face. He's a little mess sometimes.

Yesterday while I was on the phone - first with Beau, then with Grandma and Grandad - I found him behind the cabinet that we have the tv on (it's catty-cornered in a corner). He was in "cord heaven". Then he was all of a sudden on top of the end table beside the couch! Then he found my wedding rings and RAN from me when I came after him...because he runs now! Yikes!

Those are just a few of our "adventures". More to come, I'm sure!


walkers said...

yippeee! i just read o Em's blog you are preggies again-you go girl! you are a super mom, i just know it!

Emily said...

He is a funny boy, but how could he not be? He never stood a chance with you and Beau as parents.