Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today I would tell Asher to say, "Allie", "Grammie", "Lee", etc., and he SAID everybody's names! Granted, you would not be able to understand him if you heard him. I wouldn't even be able to understand him if he just randomly said somebody's name. But he was making different sounds each time, so he was trying! He's never done that before! It was fun!

He's starting to communicate more and more. He nods his head really big if he wants to watch the Doodlebops (which are so annoying, but he really likes their singing and dancing!). He says, "baba" if he wants to watch basketball on tv. He also says, "baba" for baby, bottle, and banana...but he knows what he's saying - and usually we do too. I can ask him if he wants something, and if he does he nods yes - he hasn't gotten "no" down yet - which I'm fine with. =) Anyway, he's a cutey!

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Emily said...

I love the beginning of the talking stage! I also love that mommies can understand their kiddos beofre anyone else can- one of the perks I guess.