Monday, March 30, 2009

My Amazing Children =)

Of course every mom thinks her kids are amazing. =) We like to teach our kids a little sign language (and I mean a LITTLE - and those signs probably aren't even correct) when they are as young as possible so that they can communicate with us even before they can speak. So I've been signing "all done" to Ainsley since we started feeding her baby food - at around four months. Well, yesterday I asked her if she was "all done" and did the sign, and she raised her hands up and TRIED to sign it! Beau was there as a witness too. =) And we tried it several times to see if she would do it every time. We're pretty convinced that she was really trying it. What proud parents we are! =) Granted, it's probably perfectly normal that she would do something like that, but it's just fun to see your kids learn something new!

This morning I stood her up at a toy (a little Leapfrog table with different activities on it) so that she and Asher could play together, and she actually stood there for a minute or so (holding onto the table of course!)! I couldn't believe it! She's growing up so fast! =)

And a couple of funny Asherisms...
*"Im going to call my friend Chabata on the phone. Hello my friend Chabata." (That's Chewbacca from Star Wars for those of you who didn't get it!) It's so funny! Although he doesn't really know about Star Wars yet...I'm not sure where he got that!
*"Nice to meet you Dr. Wilson (shaking Ainsley's hand). You're my favorite Dr. Wilson, Ainsley." As I've mentioned before Dr. Wilson is his pediatrician, and he pretends that Ainsley is "Dr. Wilson" fairly often. I don't know why, but it's funny!
*"I've got an idea!", I said. And Asher replied, "What's your idea Mom?!" We've had this conversation in reverse many times. One of HIS favorite things to say is that he's got an idea - although rarely does he know what that idea is. =)

Have a happy Monday! I've got BIG plans today to be super productive in this house of mine! Please pray for me. I'm not kidding...I need it! =)


Kathy said...

Ok, how did Ainsley grow up so fast?...that's what I want to know!

Sara said...

No kidding!!!

Mama Jeannie said...

Your children are amazing and so funny! I love your kid stories and all the funny things Asher percieves and says. Hilarious! I've read all your other new posts as well. Love everything you shared and I think you are a simply fabulous mommy. :0)