Monday, March 9, 2009

My Kids =)

"Ainsley, you're a princess! You're beautiful!" - one of my new favorite things that Asher has been telling Ainsley! =) And this hits a special place in my heart because of the significance of us being "princesses". Beau needs to come around, because he still thinks of a "princess" as basically being a brat - but that's not what I think of at all! =) My mom has always called me her "princess", because that's what "Sara" means. So I already love it because of that. But also, it literally changed my life when I started thinking of myself as a princess - a daughter of God, the King. I love that whole concept!, it's just CUTE that he tells her that! =)

"Mommy/Daddy, you want to come play football/basketball/soccer/etc. outside with me?" How could we resist?! =) And then the game looks something like this: he/we throw it as far as we can - not TO anyone in particular. He starts running, stops, turns around, and says, "Mommy/Daddy, you want to run with me?" The kid's got bruises and scrapes all over his legs from all the running and playing he's been doing outside these last several days. He's tough! =)

Ainsley has had her first tooth for almost a week now, and she kind of sucks her bottom lip as she's feeling it. She's "discovering" a lot right now too. She examines her hands very closely for no apparent reason - other than figuring out, "I like these things." =) I remember Asher doing that too. It's so cute. It's funny when she "eyes" my hair hanging down on my shoulder, then slowly reaches for it. And once she gets it, it's hard to get loose! =) She has "tummy time" every day, but she still prefers lying on her back. She likes to lay on a blanket and hold toys, and she ends up turning her body every-which-way - while staying on her back. She's still only turned over a couple of times. Her chubby body makes it difficult. =) She'll twist and turn, and almost make it - just not quite! She's finding her voice more and more in this last week - which makes it more difficult to keep her with us during church. =) She loves to jump in her johnny-jump-up. And she's been "clocking" herself in her mouth with her hand as she's learning about "batting". She just makes her arm go back and forth and back and forth, but she doesn't have much control over it, so she ends up punching herself in the face over and over. It's pretty funny! She's enjoying Asher a lot these days too. He got her laughing really good the other day. They're going to be good little buddies! Which reminds me...

*"Ainsley, you're crackin' me up!", Asher said.

*"Asher, Daddy's gonna come meet us for lunch. Isn't that exciting?!" His response: "Not really." "Do you want him to come eat lunch with us?" "Not really." Hilarious! Of course, he really did want him to. I guess he just recently noticed somebody saying, "Not really" and thought he would try it out. =)

*"Mommy, I burped." "What do you say?" "Excuse you Mommy." (in a deep voice)

*"May I be excused please?" - I'm proud of my boy when he uses such good manners! =)

We're looking forward to a visit from Grammie and Grandad over spring break!!! They need to see their changing grandbabies!!! =)

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Mama Jeannie said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! I'm so glad all you kids document the going's on, added vocabulary, and developement of your little ones. They and you will cherish these stories for years to come.