Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This has nothing to do with what I was going to blog about, but I just watched Danny Gokey on American Idol and got tears in my eyes. I love him! And I'm so sad for him that he lost his wife!!!

So here are the Asher funnies from today:
*"Daddy, do you want to go play basketball with me?", Asher said. Beau replied, "I can't Buddy. I've got to work." To our volunteers out here at the camp, Mr. Jim and Mrs. Beth, Asher told on Beau, "My daddy not play basketball with me."
*"I need to go the hospital. I hurt my knee." (It's a scrape from over a week ago, mind you.) I said, "Maybe a Mommy kiss will help it." He said, "No, another doctor." (like the "another doctor" at the ER last week - you know, not his "usual" doc) "A machine with a light on it take a picture of my knee." (like the xray "machine" that took a picture of his arm last week)
*"Where did the big ol' bus go?" Big ol' bus! That's so funny! And of course after he knew how funny I thought it was, everything was "big ol'"...big ol' house, big ol' truck...
*"Mommy, you're my kid."
*"Ainsley, you're my kid."
*"Ainsley, you're a silly rascal!"
*"Ainsley, you're my monster."

Ainsley was lots of fun today too. First of all, she took a really long morning nap - which is always great! Then I had one of those "baby doll moments". I kind of felt like a little girl again, dressing up my baby doll. I don't know if she looked as cute as I thought she did, but I thought she looked REALLY cute today! =) And of course I meant to take pictures all day, and when I finally did, she was about ready for bed, so they're not that good. =) But she also laughed a lot this evening for no apparent reason, and I loved it. =) I feel like all of a sudden her personality is exploding. My little bitty baby is turning into a bigger baby. Bittersweet. I love it and hate it all at the same time.

Today was a good day. I had lunch with my friend Shannon, went to Dusty's baseball game (until we decided it was just too windy), made pizza for dinner, and now my three babies are all asleep, and I'm finishing the day with a little American Idol and the internet. =) So to all a good night!


Mama Jeannie said...

What a day! What a great day you had, Sara. So glad all is well and that you have such a sweet family, a good friend to hang out with, and American Idol. :0)I love Danny too and I hope he wins the whole kit-and-caboodle.

Sara said...

Me too!