Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Will I Never Become Who I Want to Become???

How hard can it be to unpack a few boxes??? This morning, I woke up and started my day out "right". I spent time with God (something I don't set aside time to do like I should), fixed waffles for us, straightened some things up, did the dishes, did some laundry, got ready for the day, fixed lunch for Asher and myself, and then I was "done". I was exhausted. So I came to take a nap while Asher was down. I kind of slept for a little bit, but couldn't really, because Ainsley is going to be here soon, and I've GOT to get a few things done. So I got up with the intention of hopping on those things (unpacking a few boxes that are cluttering up my room - which no one can do besides me). Instead, I stopped at the computer "really quick". And I'm still here - probably an hour and a half later. And now I've got to run into town to pick up our car that's been being worked on. Anyway, that's the way every day seems to go. It starts out really well, then I get tired and lose focus. Pray for me! =) I need it! The boxes are NOT even that big of a deal. I just need to DO it!!! Then Ainsley can come! =)


Amy said...

Oh, Sister! I'm sorry! I can relate... and so can every single normal mom on earth. Don't be too hard on yourself... and remember that you are VERY pregnant and already have a BABY to take care of! Hang in there. I'll be there next weekend to help you.

Mama Jeannie said...

Sara, I love you so much and I do understand exactly what you are feeling... minus being pregnant of course... thank the Lord! Oh my! What if... Anyway, I have a project I so much want done, but can't ever seem to get to it. I need a day to focus. Anyway, when I talked to you earlier, I hadn't read your blog so I didn't know the struggle you had gone through. Amy is right. Every mom or mother-to-be has been right where you are. You are a great organizer; it's just harder than usual right now. I'll be there too in a couple weeks and we'll get some things done for you so you can check a few more things off your to-do list. Just rest, breathe deeply, and keep those feet up whenever you can. It's all good.