Sunday, August 3, 2008


It's August, and I'm HOT!!! ALL the time! I need a fan to carry around with me wherever I go, because I'm burning up! Ever since I found out that I was pregnant, people referred to how miserable I would be because of being pregnant through the heat of summer. Well, up through the first or second week of July I thought it wasn't too bad - and then it got HOT!!! I'm going to make it, but oh's amazing how different it feels now than it did just a few weeks ago.

Plus, I'm HUGE! I'm a little concerned about the size of this baby girl. They aren't concerned at the doctor's office. But I THINK I'm significantly bigger at this point in my pregnancy than I was with Asher - and I've still got almost two MONTHS left! I don't know how I'm going to ROLL OVER when that time comes around. =)

Speaking of sisters, Mom, and Connie had a very special baby shower for me last week. It was so fun to receive lots of fun girly things. Our girl will not be lacking any PINK, that's for sure! Really, one of the best things of the day was having family from BOTH sides there to celebrate with us - and some very dear friends that I haven't seen in a LONG time! I love you all! Thank you for coming and loving us!!! We are so blessed to be so loved! One of the things I'm most blown away by is the way Beau's side of the family has taken me under their wings as if I am their own. Thank you ALL - friends AND family - for your sweet prayers and words of advice!!! We'll be able to use all of it!

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