Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Many Names of Daddy

When Asher wakes up (if he's had enough sleep), he usually calls for "Daddy" - in his most sing- song voice, holding each syllable out for a long time. That in itself is cute, but it gets funnier, because the only thing that stays the same in the word "Daddy" for him - especially when he's "singing" his name - is the consonants. He says, "Dad-dy", "Dow-dow", "Dow-dy", "Doh-dy", "Dad-dow", "Dow-doh"...and the list goes on, I'm sure. It's pretty funny. I don't know WHY he does that, but he does.

He doesn't do that with other words really - except for the other day. He calls my sister Amy, "MiMi". But the other day she was "MiMaw" (which she was NOT ok with!) and "MiMo" (which she thought was cuter). Funny boy.


Amy said...

Give Asher a kiss from his MiMi (not MiMaw). :)

mrs. gathright said...

that is hilarious!! i can't imagine what anna-kate will come up with. she's a quite a character as well.

Emily said...

MiMaw...that is HILARIOUS!!! All the daddy names are pretty darn cute too.