Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just a Couple More Sweet Asher Things...

We love the sweet personality that God has given Asher. He definitely has his "ugly" moments like every kid does, but overall he is sweet! Today the three of us (or four, if you want to be technical) were sitting on the couch sharing a snack, and he was standing in between Beau and me. He had his hand on Beau's back, just patting it, and then would lay his head down on his shoulder. And it was for no "reason". We just love him! =)

Then another cute thing was tonight when we were outside "watching fireflies" (as he requests to do EVERY night - even though he's usually asleep by the time you can actually SEE them). Beau pointed out the moon to him, and he said, "Hold you moon." And then he was reaching his little arms up to "hold it", but he couldn't get it. =) I told him that it was too high in the sky, so he asked Beau to hold him "up high". So Beau held him up, and Asher REACHED as high as he could...but he still couldn't reach it. =) It was cute!

Ok. I'm really going to bed now. =) Good night.


Amy said...

LOVE those stories!

Mama Jeannie said...

What a beautiful little boy picture of a daddy holding his tiny son up so high he could hold the moon. I LOVE it!! I love all the different ways to say "Daddy" too. Cute cute cute. Your Asher is such a sweet lobable boy.