Saturday, August 16, 2008


I was cleaning the kitchen after breakfast. Yes, I cooked a real breakfast - which is uncommon for me (unfortunately). Anyway, while I was doing that, Asher was sitting in the rocking chair "reading" his books. He called me in there and pointed to a picture of a sunshine and said, "Sunshine." He's never said that word before. It was so cute. =) I love his little voice.

Then he was on the kitchen floor playing with this blue toy and - out of the blue =) - said, "Blue." He's never done that either.

I just read yesterday that he's learning something like twenty words a day - even though he doesn't SAY nearly all of them. I love his little brain! =)

Something else that was cute was when he brought his pj pants downstairs and was trying to put them on by himself. Then Beau was sitting on the floor with him teaching him step by step how to put them on. It was too sweet. more thing. Asher and Beau are both a little under the weather right now. Beau more than Asher. But everytime Beau coughs or sneezes, Asher copies him - even from different rooms in the house. It's sad that they're sick but funny that he does that. You can pray for them. It seems like a strange time to get colds, but that's what it seems to be.

I'm off to CLEAN and DECLUTTER - the story of my LIFE!!! =)


Mama Jeannie said...

How fun to hear all the funny, cute, amazing things Asher is saying and learning! I love it!! Sunshine,blue, and putting his pants on. Amazing! Also, I'm amazed at how much you are able to get done at this eighth month of being with child. Way to go Sass. I love you and can hardly wait to get up that way to see you... VERY SOON!

Emily said...

I love that you are blogging more. It is fun to keep up with how cute your boy is.