Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend Away

Camp officially ended on Thursday and by that evening we were in Texas. It was fun to spend a little time with Allan, Emily, and Claire Bear before they headed out for Hawaii this weekend. Claire and Asher were so cute when they saw each other! They really love each other! =)

Friday we dropped Asher off at Amy's. I had some really sad moments knowing that I was about to be away from him for three nights, but I got through those - and he did GREAT!!! He LOVED the weekend with his MiMi, Uncle Corey, and cousins!!! He asked for me a few times but never cried for me! It made me feel SO GOOD to know that HE was so happy!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Powells!!!!! You're ALL WONDERFUL!!! =)

Friday evening we relaxed at our hotel for a little while then went to eat at Benihana! Mmmmmm!!!! It was DELICIOUS - and as always...so fun! We had a relaxing evening, I went to bed relatively early, Beau played a game most of the night, I slept until 8:30 the next morning (which is late for me - it was GREAT!!!), and Beau slept longer - since he didn't go to sleep until around 5:00 or so. =) I enjoyed reading and taking a long bath, and then we went to breakfast at the hotel. We had a really late breakfast, so for "lunch", we went to the Galleria and got the best peanut covered caramel apple I've ever had! It was SO YUMMY! We walked around there for a while, then on the way to Allan and Emily's we stopped and rented a couple of girly movies for me and a game for Beau. Emily and Allan left for HI on Saturday morning, so we used their house as our "getaway" Saturday through Monday. (Thank you Bil and Em!!!) We spent the rest of the afternoon in our separate rooms. It was really nice for BOTH of us to be able to veg in our OWN ways without ONE of us having to be responsible for Asher. =) Very relaxing! That evening we went to Panda Express - one of Beau's favorite restaurants. Sunday morning we slept, Beau played, and I read. Then we went to get massages! Ahhhhh!!! I LOVE massages!!! Especially right now! It felt great! Beau enjoyed his too but said it was a little weird, because who I thought they said was available at the time we went for him was "Kim" was actually "Ken". =) Oops! Then we went and ate and headed back to hang out at the house. Beau played and I read. =) Then we went out for the evening to make some baby exchanges at Target, stopped by Best Buy and Barnes N Noble, then called it a night. Monday morning Beau went and got us donuts and kolaches, I got ready, went and got our car washed - which it needed REALLY BADLY! - then went and saw my BOY!!!!! (Beau stayed at the house to play for the day while I went to see Asher and the Powells.)

I LOVED seeing him!!!! We both missed him SO MUCH!!! We've only left him over night one other time - and that was a year ago. But it was worth it. He was in his highchair having a popsicle when I got there and was happy to see me but didn't try to get out to "hold me" or anything. But then he started just getting giddy and really silly! It was hilarious! As if to say, "Mommy, do you remember how funny I am?!" He cracks me up!!! We rested at MiMi's house then went to run a few errands and to eat dinner with the Powells. Then we went to see DADDY!!! And that was a fun reunion as well! They always love seeing each other after they've been apart!

By the time we got out of there and home it was midnight last night, and we were all pooped. It was an exhausting end to a great and relaxing weekend. And we would do it all over again! But it will probably be a while. =) Ainsley Grace is scheduled to arrive in six weeks (or less???)! I can't believe it's upon us...and yet I can! That's why we took this weekend. We needed it/will need it (as we anticipate adding a new one to our bunch)!

So as I think about the sleeplessness that is in my very near future, I think I'll retire for the night. Just wanted to document what a fun weekend we had - and to say THANK YOU again to my sisters and their families for making it possible!!!! Thank you ALL a gazillion times over!

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Mama Jeannie said...

I'm so glad you and Beau had such a relaxing fun getaway. Sounds like you both got to do some things you love. I so enjoyed getting to cuddle with your little sweet boy too. He is so precious and I'm thankful he was not sad, but was able to enjoy the moment with cousins and aunts and uncles... and with me for a minute. :0)