Sunday, August 3, 2008

We Made It!!!

Summer camp is almost over! Our "regular" camp weeks ended on Friday. All but five of our summer staff packed up and left that day. It was actually quite sad. Although May and June may have been the most difficult months of Beau's life, things slowly worked out, and it was a good summer! Lots of great things happened in people's lives, and we loved having the summer staff here. They were really great, and they loved Asher! And he loved them! We'll miss them SO MUCH!!! It's AMAZING that the "summer" has come and almost gone for us!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE it!!!

But we've got one more group coming tomorrow and leaving on Thursday. We've got a small group of staffers that will be here for that, because the group is cooking their own meals and things like that. But as of Thursday- we will have made it through our FIRST summer here! There will always be challenges in camp ministry (as there are with anything), but we have to believe that things will go MUCH more smoothly as time goes on! =) We look forward to our future here - which is a big thing to say after the May and June we had! =)

And then we're off to Dallas one more time before this munchkin is born. We left Asher over night for a few days at the end of last summer, and we're going to do it again this year! He's going to stay with his cousins (and aunt and uncle =)) this time, and we know he'll have so much fun! And WE are looking forward to un-toddlered REST!!! I can't wait!

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Mama Jeannie said...

Time really does fly by, doesn't it? So glad that all the overwhelming moments turned into what you will look back on as good summer. When lives are changed for eternity, it's all worth it, isn't it?
Your baby shower really was a special time; for all us I believe. And oh my goodness! All the PINK!! :0) I had so much fun being with you and all your 'other' family. I feel like they are our family too and I love that. Beau's kinfolk are great.