Sunday, January 20, 2008


I'm glad to know that my man really does feel called to what he's (we're) doing. I asked him this morning if he's ready for a "normal" job yet. He said no. Actually, first he said that I wouldn't be able to handle him not being able to stop by if I need him. =) But he actually just knows that this is where we're supposed to be. So, I am happy that I married somebody who sticks to what he knows God has called him to. (Not to say that this is what we'll be doing forever...maybe we will, maybe we won't. God knows.)'s been a particularly FULL weekend - us being the only people living here at this camp and all. If something needs to be done. Guess who does it? Beau. And that's fine. He has a great attitude. It's just exhausting sometimes!!! He worked at least twelve hours yesterday (after a full "normal" work-week) and he's still working right now. We had a group here from Friday night through this morning, and he helped in the dining hall and did other things for them. And today he's been getting ready for a small group that's coming out for a day retreat tomorrow. It wouldn't have taken THAT long today, but there's a major plumbing problem, so he worked on that for hours. And now he's just wrapping up what has to be done before he leaves here at 5:30 in the morning for a meeting in Oklahoma City. Aykarumba! Sooo...pray for him! He needs rest! And he'll be able to get some on Tuesday and Wednesday hopefully!

On a fun note...Asher smiles on command now. It's pretty funny!

I'm off to iron Beau's pants, then I'm going to sleep! Good night!!!

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Mama Jeannie said...

Oh my goodness! I will pray for Beau; that God will give him an extra measure of grace and strength to get everything done that is set before him to do. How wonderful that he is able to embrace the hard work and have a joy about him in doing it. Thank God Beau is blessed with a loving wife with such an increible servant's heart like you Sass.