Saturday, January 26, 2008

Various and Asundry Things...

I just wanted to say "asundry". Is that even the word???

Asher has been sleeping well for the last two or three nights now. He's still getting better and better every night. It's so amazing to SLEEP again (for ME) after so many BAD nights!!! =) Thank you LORD!!!

He's doing THE FUNNIEST thing! The other day one of us said, "That's so sad" about something, and he looked up at us and got this sad look on his face and started "talking" in a quiet, slow, sad voice. It was HILARIOUS! And so now we just say that to get him to do it over and over. And he usually does. And he thinks it's SO FUNNY too! =)

I wish I would have taken a picture the other day of what I saw through the kitchen trash bag when I was taking it out. Asher has discovered the JOY (to HIM) of putting his toys in there! LOTS of them! He had probably put HALF of his magnetic alphabet in there along with one of his firetrucks. What are we gonna do with that kid???

He tried to say "banana" today! And he did pretty well a couple of times! He's SO SMART! =) And he points to his eye...or ours...or any animal's and says "eye". He can also point out all the different parts on his face.

Today he wanted me to read him his books. We have a basket FULL of his cardboard books, and he's no longer satisfied with reading two or three at a time. He wants to read ALL of them at LEAST once EVERY time we sit down to read. Anyway, when he took me upstairs to read today, I was in the middle of unpacking some boxes (yea!), so I sat him in the rocking chair and put the basket of books beside him. And he just sat up there and "read" for a long time all by himself. It was too cute!

I suppose my only other random piece of information...that has nothing to do with that we have recently discovered the joy of "Monk" - the tv show. Monk is such a funny, loveable guy. It's a really fun show. Mom, I think you would like it, because he's a detective, and every episode he figures out "who done it". It's entertaining.


P.S. Allie, your enchiladas are still in the works!


Emily said...

Woohoo for the word asundry, that word is such an underused word!
Cute kid, glad he is sleeping better and able to read and talk- he is a freakin' over achiever.
As for the enchilada thing, that is just plain random.

gwsas4 said...

I can't believe how big Asher is getting! Thanks for keeping us all updated! I love it!

Love you, girl!

Amy said...

Maybe the word "asundry" is underused because it is not a word, you big dork. Try... "sundry". Mrs. Word Police, I am ashamed of you!

Sarah said...

Well, it sounds like to me Asher is a VERY smart little boy! Way to go ASHER!!!!!!!!!!

Mama Jeannie said...

Yeah, I was thinking it was 'sundry' rather than 'asundry' Sara. Sorry. It is a great word though, isn't it? I use it often when I'm trying to describe the interests I hold in life; the many different and sundry ways my kids know how to push my buttons, (just kidding) or the tedious list of the many challenging and sundry things I must accomplish as a wife, homemaker, Gibbie, and mother. My Bucket List is filled with different and sundry dreams these days.... FYI

Schell Mama said...

Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents into the asundry dilemma (being the grammar goober that I am). The word "asunder" is an actual word meaning "into separate parts or pieces." Sometimes used in traditional wedding vows..."let no man tear asunder."
So, while asundry may not be the word of the day, maybe asunder or sundry could be :)

Sara said...

Mmmm...very nice! I've got such SMART people who read my blog! =) You all crack me up...and thank you Jami, for your intellect in the matter! =)