Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well, as I've mentioned, my kid has been quite the needy fuss-bucket lately. Come to find out, there's a good reason for it...poor little dude! Yesterday, he woke up happy, went down for a nap in the normal fashion, but twenty five minutes later was stirring - which isn't normal for him. I picked him up and was rocking him, and his stomach was tightening and loosening over and over. Then he started shivering all over, and his teeth were even chattering - and this went on for a few minutes. I was QUITE concerned and called Beau to come home right away so he could help me decide if we needed to call the doctor or not. Asher was also seeming really out of it. He wasn't completely unresponsive, but he just stayed very, very sleepy through this whole ordeal - and normally he would wake up if we were messing with him like we were. We checked his temperature, and although our thermometer is a bit unreliable, it showed that he had a fever of 105 at one point. We called the doctor's office (in Waco), and they made us feel better about the shivering and said that he was probably just chilled because of the sudden onset of the fever. But after explaining everything from the past several days to them, they recommended that we take him in to get his ears checked, so we FINALLY found a pediatrician that we're going to really like in McAlester. Yea! While we were waiting for the appointment to roll around (Asher had been sleeping in my arms for hours already and Beau was back at work), all of a sudden Asher PUKED (BIG TIME) twice right in a row. It was TERRIBLE!!! He has never thrown up quite like that! It was everywhere - all over BOTH of us! And he was feeling SO BAD that it was REALLY REALLY sad! Both of us were in tears. We somehow got cleaned up and made it to the doctor, waited for over an hour past our appointment time, FINALLY got in...and now we know that Asher has a pretty bad infection in BOTH ears. Sooo...THAT is why he's been so fussy...and sleeping so poorly...and had such a high fever. He's never had an ear infection before, so I guess I just thought he never would. (That wasn't a very smart assumption.) So after several hours of being away from home (dr., dropping off prescription, shopping a little and eating a little dinner while waiting for it, and picking it up), we finally headed home. Asher slept MOST of the day, so when "bed-time" rolled around, it was NOT what I had been dreaming of! I tried putting him in his own bed, but he would have none of that, and I didn't want to force him since he was so under the weather. So we both got into my bed at 8:15. I think we were up by 9:45 or something like that and didn't go back to sleep until around 2:00 am or so. Aaaargh! I was EXHAUSTED! Then he slept pretty well with us until about 6:45 this morning when Beau's phone rang. So here we are. He's in MUCH BETTER spirits today. He's certainly not up to par, but he's not just in a sleepy daze like yesterday. It's so nice to see him talking and playing a little bit more. And HOPEFULLY he'll take a decent nap soon, so that I can too!!!


Amy said...

Oh! Poor baby!!! Those are some pretty intense symptoms for ear infections! Hope you all get some rest today. Love you!

Emily said...

I am SO sorry that his sleeping got so jacked up. I am sure that you are still exhausted. I will definately pray that you BOTH get some well deserved sleep tonight. I am so glad that it was just an ear infection- the antibiotics will make that all better really quick. I LOVE you!!!

Mama Jeannie said...

Sara, I am so thankful that I already know, since I talked to you on the phone, that Asher is tons better now. What a sad story for both of you. I love you.