Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Pictures!!! (and my closet!)

Click on the Picasa link at the top left of my blog, and you can see ALL of our HUNDREDS of pictures from November and December!!! =) It's taken at least two full days (not exaggerating!) of uploading them to the internet (if not more) with our slow connection, but it's finally done! Yippee! know how in my last entry I was off to organize my closet??? Well, I did it! I was so happy that I was going to come and tell the blog world. HOWEVER, not long after the completion of my project, the DARN bookshelves that were holding our many, many, many books COLLAPSED, and everything was DESTROYED! I was SO MAD I could've spit nails...or fire...or something! I was MAD!!!!! So, now my closet is a royal mess once again until I get new shelves! AAAARGH! Isn't that the worst story in the whole wide world??? =)

Have a lovely evening!!!


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Mama Jeannie said...

Oh Sara! Yes!! That is terrible; frustrating to the max!!! Hope you get those new shelves soon, soon, soon. I'll tell dad; maybe we could come up there and he could build you and Beau some really sturdy ones. How 'bout that? :0)