Friday, January 4, 2008

Random Thoughts All Rolled Up Together...

Well, Allie and Amy, this is for you...once again. I was on the phone with Allie earlier, and she said, "Pleeease blog for us!" I am rarely at this computer...much to their chagrin (shagrin??? I don't know, but it's a good word.)...and mine. I hate that I'm not able to communicate with the outside world via the internet like I used to. It's just not as easy with a SLOW connection and a baby that wants to get into EVERYTHING. =)

Speaking of that little tike...he's cute! =) He's in the phase where he's bringing us all kinds of things to put on, socks, hats, belts, shirts, sunglasses, etc. He's walking around right now wearing a t-shirt of Beau's over his clothes, and I've got it twisted up in the back so he doesn't trip over it. This morning he was wearing his footsy pjs, one of Beau's white tube socks, and my little black ankle sock. It was funny. =) And the other day he was wearing Beau's belt wrapped around him about three or four times. Can't get enough of the little guy!

Something else WONDERFUL about Asher is that he's starting to get more independent (well, sometimes...when he's not CLINGING to my LEG!). I don't think I've blogged about this yet...if so, sorry. But we had this mega-gate (fence) up in our living room for a few months...keeping him out of the fireplace, off the stairs, out of the kitchen, away from the Christmas tree...Anyway, recently we decided to take it down and just let him roam free (except for around the Christmas tree). And it opened up this new little boy. It's great! He goes up and down the stairs by himself now and doesn't ALWAYS think that I need to be right there with him when he's playing. So I can actually be in one room, and he'll wander in and out at his own leisure. I've gotten more dishes done and rooms clean that way (although you wouldn't know it if you came by!...that will be another paragraph!) And yet, as I sit here typing this, he's sitting in my lap...and now he's off again.

On a more sentimental note...I am very thankful for the time that I got to spend nursing my baby boy. It really was quite a bonding experience for us, and I was very sad about losing that special time as I looked towards weaning him. We've been working towards that for a couple of months now - giving it up little by little - and we're almost there. But I am so happy that we still have plenty of cuddle time, and it hasn't effected either of us negatively at all. It's been a very positive experience...and it's as if he's extra cuddly at times just to compensate. I love it!

As for me, I face the same "giant" that I have been for the last two years of my life at LEAST...organization! It drives me CRAZY, because I used to be very clean and organized, and now I pretty much constantly feel like I'm drowning. And I hate that! I did conquer our bedroom the other day least the clutter...I haven't really decorated it yet. So that's my new thing...little by little...step-by-step. I get overwhelmed so easily...a ridiculous theme of my life. So if I can just look at one little thing at a time, maybe I'll survive...and maybe I'll even get back to the "old me" someday. I can at least hope, right? If I could ever get my feet under me, I think I could maintain cleanliness and organization. And the thing is, it's probably not even THAT big of a just seems like it is, then I get "paralyzed", and it just keeps building. So here's to not looking at the big picture and to taking it little by little. =)

So I'm off to organize my closet...wish me luck. =)


Amy said...

Thanks for the update. I guess my daughter is learning the important things in life... like "good people blog". Thanks for being a good example!

Emily said...

great update! i am glad that you are able to stop nursing smoothly (oh how i wish that were the case here). i love that ash is so funny, he comes by it quite naturally.

Mama Jeannie said...

I haven't looked at your pics yet, but I do hope there are some of Asher in all his many facets of wardrobe paraphenalia. So funny! Isn't that so nice, isn't it, that he is big enough now to go up and down stairs, play contentedly by himself without you having to be right beside him. I think you're right; you will see more and more freedom for you, as well, to do the things you love to do in your home, like organizing and decorating. It's just in us to want to make things beautiful, isn't it? Seasons of actually being able to consistently accomplish such things come and go I've found. I love that weaning is going so smoothly for both you and Asher too Sara. What a gift!