Wednesday, January 9, 2008


My kid, although far from an angel, can just be so darn sweet sometimes! We've been trying really hard to teach him about obeying...which is not an easy task. You know how kids just make random cute sounds before they're actually talking? Well, he was already saying "o-baaaay" and not meaning anything by it. So I thought that one way I would try to teach him to obey is to tell him to say "obey" when he needs to obey. And he will repeat it after me, because he was already making that sound. Anyway,even though he was repeating it, he didn't really know what he was saying. But today he was fighting me over something that he didn't need to be doing, and I said, "You need to listen to mommy." And he said, "O-baaaay". And then he walked away and started doing something else. It was AMAZING! =) Granted, he's already NOT "o-baaaayed" many times since! He's a little hoodlum. A sweet hoodlum, but a hoodlum none the less! AND...I say, "Say 'Yes, Mommy'". And he nods his head really big. Too cute!

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Mama Jeannie said...

Sara, you are an amazing mommy! I love to watch and hear about how you are teaching your little boy good and Godly principles that will help him for a liftetime. Asher realy is such a sweet baby boy, isn't he? I love you.