Monday, January 21, 2008

Good Idea

Let me start by saying that immediately after I typed that last post, Asher let me rock him until he was ready to lie down with me - and we BOTH took a two hour nap!!! It was DIVINE! Thank You GOD!!! Then Beau got home just as Asher was waking up and took him downstairs so that I could have a while longer. I had been in that kind of hard sleep that kind of stays with you for a a little more sleep ended things just right. =)

And tonight I've already been asleep for two hours, but Asher woke up, so I went and rocked him - and didn't have to give him a bottle (a step in the right direction compared to the last few nights. PRAY that he'll start sleeping in HIS BED ALL THE WAY through the night again!!!)...So on my way back to bed I decided to check blogs right quick. =) And Emily had a great idea...or Adrianna did. =) I, too, really do want to be more positive (although you can't tell by my last few entries). So, here goes...Ten Things That Make Me Happy Right Now in My Life...(in no particular order)

1.Reading my sisters' and mom's blogs (I love reading my friends' blogs too, but I rarely have time!)
2.That Robin, Julie, and Angie are all experiencing the same love that I have with Asher with their brand new little babies
3.When Beau takes care of Asher...and Asher is happy (and NOT whining or crying...that's just not the same) - taking a hot bath or sleeping while he does that
4.Laughing with my sisters - at things we wouldn't talk about with most anybody else! =)
5.That my family still sees the good in me even when it seems to me that I am falling apart =)
6.The THOUGHT of rocky road ice cream (Emily, you inspired me...I LOVE that stuff!) =)
7.Cuddling up next to Beau after I've gotten out of bed in the middle of the night to tend to Asher and gotten really cold
8.Hot chocolate...because it's REALLY cold!
9.My nieces and nephews...Allie, Jack, Skyler, Cooper, Claire, and Chloe...They're ALL really funny (except for Chloe...we might have to wait for her to come out and meet us before I can decide if she's funny or not) and BEAUTIFUL (I've seen Chloe's sonogram, she's already beautiful), and I love 'em to pieces!!!
10.My down comforter and the Christmas quilt that Dina made for us (yes, I'm still using it.)

That wasn't as effortless as I thought it would be, but I could keep going. I really am blessed! =) Now I think I'll go back to bed. Nighty night!

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