Friday, January 11, 2008

WHY am I Still Awake?!

I'm crazy. That's all there is to it. I've been up with Claire Alyse (my niece) and Asher since the wee hours of the morning. They were both asleep by 9:20 tonight, but here I am. I can't help it. I had to check the sisters' and mom's blogs. It's one of those things. It's been a really good day. Emily and Allan are having an anniversary weekend this weekend, so Asher and I came to keep Claire Bear. Em and "Bil" went skiing in Santa Fe for the DAY. They flew out this morning at 7:30, and will be back pretty soon I think. So it was the one year olds and me until early this afternoon. We had a fun time playing. And they even managed to get dressed, fed, and both took at least little naps...which was the interesting part - trying to put the first one down while the other one is still awake and not wanting the second one to wake up when the first one does...We made it. Then we spent the afternoon and evening at Amy's. It was really fun to spend time with her and Cooper. Allie and Jack were there for a few minutes but then left for a friend's house. It was fun to watch Asher and Claire play in the big sandbox by Amy's house. They're really starting to play like little kids and not so much babies anymore. It's hilarious to watch them sometimes. Today when we were riding in the van, I looked back at Claire, because she was just laughing and laughing. And Asher was sitting there next to her making faces - actually trying to ENTERTAIN her! It was so funny! After having dinner at the Powell house, we headed back to the Kavs'. I was coming with every intention of putting them both down almost immediately when we got home, because they both seemed spent! But we got here, got pjs on, bottles made, and laid down to read books. And all of a sudden a switch FLIPPED in Asher, and he got SO hyper all of a sudden. He was acting like a crazy man. It was hilarious! I've never seen him take such a sudden turn like that! It was quite entertaining. Claire and I laid there and read books, and he tackled me, and ran in and out of the room doing who knows what. He was just hyper! So we all played for a while longer, and they finally started winding down again by 9:00. And they both went down without A peep! They were pooped! And so am I! That's why I can't believe that I'm still up. So good night!!! We've got another couple of days ahead of us similar to today. Emily and Allan are going away tomorrow and Sunday, but Mom and Dad will be here to help with the kiddos. So that will be quite nice! =) Have a great weekend!

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