Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Ainsley!

I was driving home this evening and realized that today is Ainsley's birthday! =) She's one month (and four hours) old! I can't believe it! This month has gone by really fast!

*Note: This post is more for Ainsley's and my rememberance than anything else...just in case you find it random. =)

Dear Ainsley Grace,

I've loved having you in our lives this last month! The moment I laid eyes on you I loved you more than I could articulate! I wondered for nine months what you would look like - and all of a sudden I knew. I loved looking into your eyes for the first time and you looking into mine. I loved your chubby little legs! =) And I'll never forget one of the very first things I said about you..."She's so fat!" You've been a healthy girl since the beginning, and I'm so thankful for that!

Your time thus far has been spent eating and sleeping. And you're doing a good job at both of those things - for the most part. We've been really blessed! It seems that you're already a little bit more "emotional" than Asher, which is interesting and challenging, but you're still a pretty peaceful baby overall.

Speaking of Asher, he's been such a good big brother to you so far. We have to protect you from him, because he's not quite two yet, so he doesn't fully understand what it means to be "gentle" with you. But he loves you a lot! He LOVES it when you're awake. And he loves it when your tiny little hands touch him. He says, "Ainsley got you." And he just laughs and laughs. I'm excited about watching the two of you grow up together and being good friends.

Daddy also loves you to pieces! He loves to hold you and look at you. He loves your funny faces and sounds. I could tell from the moment he saw you that he already had a soft spot in his heart for his baby girl.

We love you so much little princess!!! It's been so special getting to know you this past month, and I am excited about what this next month will hold as we watch you grow and develop even more. You're so precious to us!

All my love,

Some things that come to mind about this first month of Ainsley's life with us:

  • Her dark hair - We pictured her with dark hair. It will be interesting to see if it stays that way.

  • Her "fluffy" body and how it's getting "fluffier" by the day - I love it!

  • She seemed like she was dark complected like Beau for a while, but since the jaundice has gone away, I'm not really sure what her skin will be like.

  • She doesn't spit up all the time, but for several days (until the last two) she would spit up REALLY big, from the depths of her about once a day. I'm not sure if it was because of the drainage from her cold, overeating, or that we weren't burping her enough. But it seems to be getting better...I'm hoping!

  • I love dressing up a girl! I love all the pink, the ruffles, the smocking, the puffed sleeves, the bows, etc., etc., etc. It's fun!

  • I love it when you're able to start giving them baths IN water (after their umbilical cord falls off). She loves her baths now, because she is warm. She really HATES being cold! She instantly relaxes at bathtime. It's so cute.

  • I like it that it's not as hard to keep her awake for a full feeding now as it was the first couple of weeks. She was such a sleepy head!

  • I like it that she gets the milk she needs fairly quickly and goes a decent amount of time between feedings - three to four hours (even four and a half sometimes) vs. two to three hours the first few days. It's amazing what a difference that makes for a tired mommy - especially at night!!!

I could go on and on, but I must turn in for the night - or I will regret it tomorrow! Good night!


Emily said...

Well I love this post. I really wish that I would have done something like this every month for Claire. You forget so much so quickly. I am glad that the spitting up seems to be getting better.

Holly T. said...

I too love this post. It was great to talk with you last night. It opened the memory hatch and my dreams were filled with them. One in particular was the sleep over we had in the popup camper set up in my folks driveway. We laughed and talked until the newspaper was delivered. So fun. I hope my childer have friends and memories like that. Thank you.