Friday, October 3, 2008

Things of Noteworthiness...

  • Asher tee-teed in the potty for the FIRST time today...TWICE!!! Way to go Asher!!!! We all (besides Ainsley) had fun singing a tee-tee song afterwards, and he was VERY PROUD!!! (By the way, we're not "trying" to potty train him right now. That would be just plain crazy with a two week old! =) So these episodes will probably be few and far between for quite some time still.)
  • I love the different names that come out of kids' mouths for "flip-flops"..."shoe shlops" (Skyler), "clip clops" (Claire)...The other day, Asher called them "wee wops". Cute! =)
  • Beau bought a new meat injector. (I don't know if that's really what it's called.) And he made some REALLY yummy pork steaks the other day by injecting them with teriyaki sauce. He's doing a great job being Mr. Mom!
  • We have a "shoe gremlin" in our house. Beau always sets his flip flops by our door - facing the direction where he can just walk up to them and put them on...but every time he goes to put them on, they're facing the other way! He says it's a shoe gremlin...???
  • Ainsley is fat! =) We had her two week appointment yesterday. She was born at 8lbs. 7 oz.. She weighed 8lbs. 4oz. when we left the hospital. She was 8lbs. 11oz. at her one week appointment - which they were very impressed with. She was the first one that week that had gained and not lost. And yesterday, she weighed 9lbs. 9oz.!!! She's a hefty little sucker! =) Hence the reason she's gained over a pound past her birth weight. =) Plus, the doctor said that some women have "skim milk", some have "whole milk", but that I must have "half and half". I thought that was pretty funny!
  • I wore non-maternity jeans the last two days. They were my "big girl" jeans (as I think my friend Robin calls them), but they were not maternity by golly. =)


Amy said...

I love all of this! Allie & I both laughed out loud at the "wee wops"... and hey, can we start calling Ainsley "fluffy"... not fat? :)

Way to go on the jeans!!! You skinny thang, you!

Emily said...

woohoo on the "big girl jeans"!! I think it took me three weeks to get back into mine. Congrats to the tee tee boy, that is great! I love "wee-wops", I am thinking he may be the gremlin. Half and half...that's funny!

Sara said...

Yeah, I think he's the gremlin too. Ok...we can call her fluffy instead of fat...and she is definitely getting more FLUFFY every day! =) And it will probably take me much more than three weeks to get into my normal jeans. =)

Mama Jeannie said...

Good post 'skinny mama'. Loved every point you made. Hey, maybe Asher will potty train himself and leave you and Beau out of it. Now, uh, that would be remarkable! Can't wait to see 'Fluffy'. Do you change her several times a day so she can wear all her cute clothes before she grows out of them? Way to go Beau, on taking such good care of your little fam.