Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

I haven't sat down at a computer for DAYS! It's nice to be here for a short bit. =) The kiddos are both sleeping. Have I said it before that I love it when that happens?!

Asher has said and done some MORE cute things the past few days...can you believe it?! =) He has added a few new things to say to Ainsley - other than his usual VERY REPETITIVE, "Ainsley awake!" and "Hi Ainsley!" Now he also says, "I miss you Ainsley", which is so darn cute! (I think he picked that up from seeing his Grandad, Grammie, Aunt Lee, and other family on Beau's side this past weekend...which was so great!) It seems like maybe to him it's the equivalent of saying, "I love you." And this morning, he also said, "Ainsley cute!" Oh! Couldn't you just eat him up?!

The other day, the kids and I went on a drive. I had heard about this pretty drive from someone who worked out here at the camp this past summer, and she said (at least as I recall) that it was just thirty minutes from here. WELL...we drove, and we drove, and we DROVE! And come to find out, it's a state park about an hour and a HALF from here!!! That's ok. I was definitely questioning myself as we were still DRIVING, but once we got there, it was worth it. It's a beautiful place, and we found a fun playground for Asher to play at while I fed Ainsley. It worked out quite nicely. Although I was, of course, EXHAUSTED by the time we got home. Maybe I shouldn't go on adventures like that without another adult. =) ANYWAY...the whole point of that was to tell you about what Asher said. We were driving through the park, and he gasped and said, "Dinosaur!" I said, "Did you see a dinosaur?" And he said, "Yeah!!!" It was funny! I don't know if he really thought he saw one or if he was pretending, which he's doing more and more and more! I love it! Then we were leaving, and he was saying bye to everything: "Bye trees." "Bye water." "Bye slide." You get the picture? And then when he had run out of things to say bye to, he put his little pointer finger to his chin, with his little eyes shifting from side to side and said, "Hmmmmm...what else?" It CRACKED me up!!! He has never said that before, but I have a million times! He's got a LOT rolling around in his little head, and it's starting to spill out. It's SO CUTE! I love him! =)

Oh! And he's putting together sentences every once in a while too. He says, "What's that sound?" and "Mommy, watch this." It makes me so happy that he's learning his colors too! I used to be nervous that I wouldn't know how to teach him what he needed to know, but it just kind of happens. God makes amazing little people! =)

Now. Of course there are pictures to upload and more things to blog about, but I better get to this house! It NEEDS my attention! Yikes!


Emily said...

He is so funny (Hmmmm, what else?)! I think he is entering my favorite age so far (at least that was the case with Claire). Good job getting both kids to sleep at the same time.

Sara said...

Beau helped. He put Asher down before he left after lunch. =)

Mama Jeannie said...

Aw, this is so fun. thanks for keeping us updated on Asher's funny and sweet antics. I love how his vocab is increasing by the day too.